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Dampening the Rhetoric on California’s water shortage

Here in California, we are currently finishing our third year of drought, putting pressure on all water users and putting endangered fisheries at further threat of extinction. In addition, increasingly polarizing rhetoric from some special interests and politicians is threatening to weaken the Endangered Species Act. A few politicians and industrial agricultural businesses are looking to exploit the area’s economic hardships to attack endangered species and their protections, while ignoring the true sources of the area’s water shortages. In the… Continue reading

Jon Stewart and I

Jon Stewart and I both had two things on our mind this week: California’s Bay-Delta and global warming. The clip from the Daily Show is below. Presumably, he thought about some other stuff too, but I haven’t really. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the company of some West Coasters who were in Washington DC to highlight how severe an impact the ecological collapse of the Delta is having on people. While industrial irrigators and other opponents have been trying… Continue reading