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Senator Boxer Rocks the Senate Floor in Support of Endangered Species Protections

We are working with Congress and our members to defeat an amendment that will block the Obama Administration’s ability to restore some key endangered species protections. Today, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) gave a passionate speech on the floor of the Senate in opposition to the amendment. As part of her testimony, she reads a letter from the Endangered Species Coalition and over 100 of our member organizations. She gave such a compelling argument in support of strong endangered species protection,… Continue reading

Congress Restores Endangered Species Protections

Yesterday, Congress passed a bill that will allow President Obama to quickly and easily overturn the Bush Administration rules that weakened the Endangered Species Act. They rejected the efforts of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to strip the provision from the bill. Last week, President Obama announced that he will reconsider the Bush Administration’s regulations that weakened the Endangered Species Act. Now, he will have an opportunity to overturn the harmful regulations quickly and easily. This… Continue reading