Event Promotion Toolkit

Developing/Planning Events

Guide to promoting and planning your event

Tools For Faith Communities

Bucket List of Species (.pdf)

Litterati: Join the community identifying, mapping, and collecting the world’s litter.

*Teacher/Class Activity Ideas

*Endangered Species Conservation Infographics, which can help you create a “ready-made” display.

Sample Promotion Materials

Brochure (.pdf)

Sample Press Release

Sample Letter-to-the-Editor or use our online tool.

Sample Social Media Posts

Sample Flier (.doc) | Sample Flier from FWS event (.pdf)

•City and State Proclamations: Sample City Proclamation (.doc) Sample Governors Message (.pdf) Colorado Endangered Species Week Proclamation (.pdf)

Event Day Resources

Podium sign or banner (.pdf)


Printable infographics

•Event Posters 1 2 3 4 (.pdf)

Activity Book (.pdf)


Passport to Discovery

Hand out Materials

Stickers (.doc/ Print on Avery labels 5294 )

Printable infographics

10 Easy Things You Can Do


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