Individual Endangered Species Day Actions

While Endangered Species Day is a terrific opportunity to celebrate conservation at events both large and small, you can also take part by taking individual actions. 

For example, you can commit to bike commute to work or school. Or you can give up meat for a day, or become an informed and thoughtful consumer by tracking all of your purchases and other consumption for one day.

For more ideas, we have a guides to plant a milkweed garden, learn how to make a milkweed seed bomb and to build a bat house. Even reading a book or watching a documentary film about endangered species are ways to expand your knowledge and become a better voice for vanishing wildlife. 

If you’re planning a public event, please register it here so others may find it and go here to find events near you.

You can find a variety of actions that you can take online–from emailing your senators to signing petitions–on our action page.

Whatever you do, let us know! Drop a pin on the map below and briefly describe how you’re spending your Endangered Species Day.

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Wolf in Yellowstone in snowy environment with forested background
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