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3 comments on “The Wolf Called OR7

  1. So very glad to read this news, disheartened to read what the supervisor for Lassen County Bob Pyle said and to answer his question ” If I kill a wolf you going to throw me in jail ? ” In a perfect world, Hell yes, you jerk ! Wolves avoid contact with Humans whenever possible, so why don’t you hire or get off your own rear end and watch your herds and just make it known to any wolves, without killing them .that messing with your herds isn’t in the wolfs best interests. By the way, are you grazing your herds on Public Lands ? If so, more,s the reason for the wolves protection since you would be encroaching on their territory. Other ways can be found to peacefully co-exist with the wolves if we just put our minds to it, after all we’re tracking one wolf so why can’t we track more in real time so that you have time to watch your herd with avoidance being the primary goal ? And finally a Thank you to the Dept. of Fish & Game, for not revealing the whereabouts of this and all the rest of the wolves that can be tracked as right now the ranchers and like to kill anything for no good reason at all people are just too trigger happy and ignorant when it comes to wolves in particular and other wildlife in general !!!

  2. I was so fascinated and thrilled to read this story. I love wolves and pray the government does not delist them. They are magnificent animals and necessary in the wild. In my mind they are as much a symbol of the United States as the American Eagle. I am a die-hard animal advocate and in my simple way do what I can to contribute to animal and primarily wolf causes. I hope the ranchers use alternative measure available to protecting their herds than the quick trigger. The human species is the worst living predator on earth.

  3. Sadly, Sean, that is so true! Hunters, ranchers, and so-called trophy hunters (I call them bloodthirsty murderers) will trap, poison, torture, and murder any wolf they see! Doesn’t matter to them we need them in our ecosystem, nor that they have been here for hundreds, if not thousands of years, long before man stepped foot here! We are the intruders, not the wolves! If you’re worried about your livestock, get well trained dogs as they do in Sfrica! Wolves are only responsible gor a very small percentage of livestock deaths anyway! Stop destroying these magnificent creatures who are supposed to be here!

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