Independent Peer Review Panel Rejects Science Behind Secretary Jewell’s Proposal to Delist Wolves

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14 comments on “Independent Peer Review Panel Rejects Science Behind Secretary Jewell’s Proposal to Delist Wolves

  1. A wildlife commissioner in Washington State would say “We have to get the politics and emotion out of this [cougar control] and let the biologists do their jobs.”

    After a presentation by biologists that indicated heavy hunting of cougars was causing problems and the cougar hunting seasons needed redesign, he stated “Well, science is fine, but we have to use common sense.”

    Let’s just consider the peer-panel report another obstacle in the way of wolf-haters, and let’s not put too much faith in the words of someone who ignored the available science to start the process, or who failed to stop the process. This dogfight isn’t over, and we haven’t won it yet. C’mon Sally, prove me wrong. Stop the delisting.

  2. We all know it about who has the most money, ranchers, hunters and wolf haters!!!! not about science at all!

  3. Hi – I visited the USA from the UK just to see your fabulous wolves. I will come again to see them. Please listen to science and consider the biodiversity of your wonderful country side and the true balance of nature. Wolves are amazing animals, don’t lose them.

    1. Thank you Ann for visiting the US!! And thank you for your support of our beautiful wildlife creatures. We love our wolves and are trying very hard to save them!

  4. I sincerely do hope and pray that the Wolves will be protected with this report. It would be so discouraging if they are not reinstated with the protections they will need to thrive.

  5. I can not understand your need for delisting the wolves from protection. We, as “higher intelligent” species, seem to not be satisfied unless we are constantly hunting another creature until it is extinct or at the point of extinction. When is it we finally learn that just because we “can” , doesn’t mean we should. For a change , please think on your own without special interests lining the pockets, please … for the animals lives… think.
    Thank you. Renee

  6. Ms. Jewell and her Political Supporters,

    There is so much corruption in our country; most self serving politicians being the major problem. Certainly, you can channel your energy in mending our political ills, instead of destroying our beautiful, innocent wildlife creatures. Good grief!!

    Mr. DeFazio…Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

  7. My Kindergarten through 5th grade students studied the issue in our S.T.E.A.M. ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based program.My Art Kindergarten Art students questioned the science behind the removal of the Gray Wolf from the list of Endangered Species.
    Not a one could find anything to support this proposal. The scientific research by which I mean ‘peer reviewed” scientific research and not “peer forbidden to review research has long shown that removing the keystone predator from an ecosystem results in the death of the ecosystem. Even my Kindergarten class knew the ” Starfish Rule”. How can Secretary Jewell be unfamiliar with this example or the history of the drying up of Yellowstone in the aftermath of the extermination of its wolves? Something isn’t right!

  8. I have not found one true scientific piece of evidence that supports the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species Act. When stable wolf pacts are split through slaughter of its members, inexperienced wolves will be forced to find food which could lead to predation of livestock. An experienced pack’s leaders will teach the young to hunt proper prey. Positive effects of the return of wolves include improvement of health of elk and deer populations, improvement to riverine and other areas where animals have overgrazed, increase in other species like wolverine, ravens, etc as wolves “set the table” for them when they take down big prey. Apart from scientific reasons, I implore you to use your heart. These are individuals whose family members are important to them. They are a species against which our federal government in the early 1900s committed a horrendous injustice through listening to the greedy of our nation. I am a strong supporter of President Obama, but his environmental record has been mediocre. One of the greatest reasons I vote Democratic is because that party has been much stronger on environmental issues. The Bush administration wreaked havoc on environment and wildlife. What a sad thing if the present administration, rather than try to amend that situation, would make it worse and be responsible for undoing decades of hard work to reduce this iconic species back to the land it once called home.

  9. Ms. Jewell, your refusal to listen to science and finish the job that so many people have worked for is shameful. It is obvious that You and your peers are succumbing to the pressure from special interests groups. It seems to me that the One thing I thought the Obama administration was doing well was to protect the environment and wildlife. Now I am 100 percent sure of the hypocrisy and lies of this administration. You are wasting our money!

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