Keystone Pipeline Could Push Endangered Whooping Crane Into Extinction

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6 comments on “Keystone Pipeline Could Push Endangered Whooping Crane Into Extinction

  1. Environmentalists naturally post the worst possible scenarios, while the industry minimizes the extent of the problem. There is a middle ground somewhere, but the voices from the middle are drowned out by the clamor of opponents and proponents.
    I do know that these birds must be saved, even if it means moving the pipeline 200 miles eastward or 200 miles westward.

  2. Thanks for reading, jperilloux. Unfortunately, TransCanada is not open to any sort of changes:

    Even if they were, the pipeline ought not be built. It’s the dirtiest of fuels requiring the destruction of Canada’s boreal forest to extract and moving the toxic sludge via high pressure pipeline will put the species in its path at risk–wherever they build it.

  3. The age of fossil fuels is over. The future belongs to the nations who lead the world into cleaner safer energy use. There may be strategic uses for fossil fuel in the future where such fuel is the only option. It this happens a nation cannot be down to it’s last sludge well, when instead large quantities might be needed (war, famine, disease, asteroid impact, etc.) Renewable energy keeps and creates jobs local and stable. The efficient output of wind, solar, tidal, etc. generators does not have to improve even though it certainly will. Reason being that the social consequences of keeping everyone in the energy industry at home and recycling those dollars cannot possibly be less efficient that sending megatons of cash to the Middle East and Russia who will build megatons of war machineary requiring us to match that arms race.

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