We are very happy to announce that the esteemed panel of judges has completed the very difficult task of selecting grade category and grand prize winners in the 2018 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest.

The Grand Prize Winning Entry is Hawksbill Sea Turtle by Brandon Xie:

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

The First Place entry is Humpback Whale by Erin Dong:

Humpback Whale

The Grade K-2 category winning entry is Blue-tailed Skink by Sean Lam:

Blue-tailed Skink

The Grade 3-5 category winning entry is Florida Panther by Kyle Xu:

Florida Panther

The Grade 6-8 category winning entry is Kangaroo Rats by Maggie Wu:

Kangaroo Rat

The Grade 9-12 category winning entry is Green Sea Turtle by Colin Phillips:

Green Sea Turtle

We are exceptionally grateful to every student that took part in this year’s contest. More than 1,500 entries were submitted and represented a diverse selection of threatened, endangered, or recovered species. We hope that the experience of researching these species and creating the art was enriching for all involved.

You can see all 40 of the semifinalist entries here.

Thank you and congratulations to all who took part!

Stay Informed!

12 comments on “And the winners are…

  1. I Keep it to send to my friends to take conscience the species in danger.
    Candida de Sa Dantas

  2. please let me know about your next contest, I am a children’s

    art teacher and would love to help thanks

  3. This is a wonderful idea! Great to see children using their talents for a great cause!
    I am an artist myself – and paint animals. I would like to do something using my art to help endangered animals. Not sure of the best way to do this? Was thinking of maybe doing a raffle for one of my paintings (of an endangered animal) on social media – and the proceeds going to help the animals? Not sure of the best way to go about this?
    Also, do you have contests for adult artists?

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