Endangered Species Day 2010 to feature Sunchaser Challenge Adventure Race!

In celebration of Endangered Species Day, ESC is teaming up with Wild One Promotions to host 4 eco friendly adventure races across the country.

The first ever Sunchaser Challenge will take place from sunrise to sunset on May 22, 2010 at an array of scenic locations. There will be 4 Sunchaser Challenges – each one in a different US Time Zone! The 4 simultaneously run events will take place at the following sites:

  • North Lake Tahoe, California
  • Lake Havasu, Arizona
  • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Saranac Lake, New York

    The competitions will be endurance events for every level of ability. While the events are competitions, the atmosphere will be warm and friendly and completely welcoming to novices and seasoned endurance athletes alike. Participants can enter as teams or choose to compete solo. The races will combine trail running, mountain biking, road biking, kayaking and basic navigation. The goal of the challenge is to be the first team (or for the bold-individual) to “rescue” 50 of the nation’s endangered animals from checkpoints located in activity zones throughout the event location.

    There will be prizes in each region for the highest number of animals “rescued” in the fastest time. Plus a bonus prize for the highest and fastest nation wide rescue. There will also be a “spirit of the event” award. As the day draws to a dramatic close, there will be a mass “treasure hunt” in each location. The treasure will be a unique, clebrity designed icon that will earn the finder a special prize. The icon will later be auctioned on TV with the proceeds benefitting Endangered Species Coalition. All donations raised for the Endangered Species Coalition will go towards protecting species at risk of extinction in their natural habitats.

    We’re also proud to announce that the Sunchaser Challenge will be certified CarbonFree®. Wild Ones Promotions will be donating $1 per competitor to Carbonfund.org’s reforestation projects to offset any associated carbon footprint and will be utilizing innovative “green” measures to make the events friendly to the planet you’ll be racing on.

    Celebrate Endangered Species Day with us in this new and exciting adventure experience! For more information or to register your team, visit the Sunchaser website and become a fan on the Sunchasers Facebook page.

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