Good news for whales

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Good news for whales throughout the world!  Earlier this week, the International Whaling Commission rejected a proposal to overturn the international ban on commerical whaling.

For nearly a quarter century, the International Whaling Commission’s moratorium on commercial whaling has helped keep endangered species of whales from being hunted to extinction. The moratorium has been integral to the slow recovery of several species of whale once on the brink of extinction.

The U.S. statement at the International Whaling Commission affirmed their commitment for strong protections of whales.

“First and foremost, the United States continues to support the commercial whaling moratorium. We strongly oppose lethal scientific whaling – we strongly believe it unnecessary for modern whale conservation and management. In particular, the United States is concerned by whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, and by the increased international trade and black market trade in whale meat and whale products.”

The Endangered Species Coalition will continue to work with you and our member organizations to advocate for strong protections for whales and other endangered species.

Thank you for your help to protect our oceans and the precious wildlife that need them to survive.

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