Endangered Species Day is this Friday, May 15th! Started in 2006 by the United States Congress, Endangered Species Day is a celebration of our nation’s wildlife and wild places. This year, millions of people will celebrate Endangered Species Day on Friday and throughout the month of May.

America is blessed with amazing wildlife: bald eagles and peregrine falcons flying in our skies, gray wolves and grizzly bears roaming the wilderness, Canada lynx and spotted owls in ancient forests, salmon and steelhead spawning in wild rivers, and whales and sea turtles in our coastal waters.

Celebrate Endangered Species Day and our nation’s amazing wildlife and wild places.
To learn about Endangered Species Day, visit www.EndangeredSpeciesDay.org

For Endangered Species Day, parks, wildlife refuges, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, museums, libraries, schools, agencies, businesses, conservation organizations, religious organizations and community groups hold events to highlight the everyday actions that people can take to help protect our nation’s wildlife heritage. Events are happening this Friday and throughout the month of May. For an event near you, check out the list of Endangered Species Day events.

Plan your own event or activity with our Endangered Species Day toolkit. You can get downloadable brochures, flyers, stickers and more!

For teachers and other educators, we have developed educational materials including lesson plans and handouts. Check out the Endangered Species Day educational materials.

Children can submit artwork, posters and pictures to the Endangered Species Day Artwork Contest.

If your children are in the Girl Scouts, they can earn an Endangered Species Day Girl Scout badge!

Find out things you can do at home to protect endangered species. Start by picking one to do on Endangered Species Day and do the rest throughout the year.

Endangered Species Day is a great opportunity for people young and old to learn about wildlife, birds, fish and plants in your area and the everyday actions that you can take to help protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild lands.

In addition to the Endangered Species Coalition, the many organizations supporting Endangered Species Day include: The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Girl Scouts of the U.S., the National Association of Biology Teachers, National Wildlife Federation, and the Native Plant Conservation Campaign.

Get involved at www.EndangeredSpeciesDay.org

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