Jan 12

Wolves belong in Colorado

Wolves belong in Colorado. That’s why the Endangered Species Coalition, in collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project and other organizations, is working hard to educate the public on the need to reintroduce wolves to western Colorado and restore the balance that has been lost.

Wolves roamed the Colorado landscape until they were needlessly eradicated in 1945.  Since then, our landscapes have suffered resulting from an inflated elk population, largely because their natural predator, the wolf, is missing.   Fortunately, our expansive and remote public lands in western Colorado provide the perfect habitat for a gradual reintroduction of wolves.  Reintroductions like those in Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies have shown that there is a great benefit to having wolves on the landscape, both biologically and economically.  With thoughtful and inclusive management, wolves can restore the natural balance in Colorado for the benefit of all of Colorado’s residents.  

To help encourage Coloradans to support the comeback of wolves to our state, activist Brett Ochs spoke at Ignite Boulder about the value of wolves and what makes them such a compelling and important member of the animal world.


2 Comments on Wolves belong in Colorado

  1. Mary says:

    The endangered species act is one of the most important things we need kept. We have caused the extinction of to many species we don’t need to cause more. We are only hurting ourselves by doing so. Everything is connected and has a purpose on the planet . We, if not for our own survival but the survival of this great planet we are allowed to inhabit need this saved.

  2. Susan says:

    Yea the wolf should be in Colorado that would be it’s natural habitat. Its important to OUR wildlife and to even out the population of other wildlife. The wolf is a beautiful creature and a spiritual animal that sings to the moon. I had a wolf for years and he died of old age. WOLVES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Let them roam free in Colorado.

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