Wolf Tales Call to Artists

The Call

Animators and Artists creating works celebrating the presence of wolves in ecosystems are invited to submit animated shorts, and still images from animations in progress, for inclusion in Endangered Species Coalition and Animated Ecologies Wolf Tales project. Submitted works will address the project theme of the connection and mutual relationship between humans and wolves. The Wolf Tales project seeks works exploring wolves as non-human animals with deep ties to human cultural history, playing vital ecological and biological roles in ecosystems. 

Absent for nearly a century, gray wolves are returning to the state of Colorado! In 2020, voters approved a ballot measure calling on Colorado Parks and Wildlife to restore this native carnivore to its historical home in Colorado. Wolf Tales celebrates and honors the return of wolves, through creative exploration of themes of connection and the relationship between wolves and humans.

From our core theme of human-wolf relationships, and an examination of the ecological and biological benefits of wolves, we invite animators and artists to consider the following questions to inspire the creation of works:

How do wolves help the ecosystem?

What ecological benefits of wolves can we celebrate?

What inspires you about wolves coming home to Colorado?

How can the return of wolves to Colorado inspire transformational change, moving humans from conflict to coexistence with wolves? 

How can we tell this wildlife conservation success story in the making?

There are many more possible creative approaches to the Wolf Tales theme and we invite you to submit your own innovative stylistic, technical, and storytelling approaches to this project.

The Details

The Wolf Tales Call to Artists will be open for submissions from Wed., May 4th – Thursday, June 30th. 


Animations submitted may be up to one minute in length, with a maximum file size of 10 GB. Animations may be in any media, digital or analog. For ideas and inspiration about using anthotype as an animation method, please watch the recording of our April 23rd workshop with Edd Carr. A workshop on digital animation techniques will launch at the end of May and will be announced via email, social media and at the Wolf Tales webpage. For additional techniques, ideas, and inspiration, Animated Ecologies provides skill-building workshops featuring a range of inspiring animation practices, taught by US and international artists. 


Up to five animation stills may be submitted, with a maximum file size each of 1 MB. Stills will represent frames from an animation in progress, created through any media or technique, digital or analog.

Submitted animations or stills must be original work, created with imagery and content (audio, video, stills or other) that you have created, or sourced from imagery or video/film you have permission to use. As required, provide credit for any sourced content used in your submission.

Display of Works

Animated and still works entered to the Wolf Tales Call to Artists will be displayed in a digital gallery on the Endangered Species Coalition website, and potentially at physical screening locations in the state of Colorado and beyond. Works will be displayed on a rolling basis as entries are received. This Call to Artists is non-juried; works will be reviewed for consistency and alignment with Wolf Tales project themes. Endangered Species Coalition reserves the right to choose not to display the submitted animations or stills if not relevant to project themes or standards.

This is a new project for which we are building momentum, and your contribution of work will help guide and shape where Wolf Tales will be told. We are excited for you to join us in telling this story. 

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