Pennsylvania Day of Action

Please call your Pennsylvania State Representative and ask that they support wildlife corridors in the state. 

How to:

1: Dial 844-325-5009 to be connected. If your phone number is not in our system to match you to a legislator, we’ll send you a text with instructions to update your information with us.

2. If you prefer, you can look up your representative here and click on their name to find their phone number to call. Call the district office number listed. Leave a message about the issue using the script below, or talk to the staff if they answer.

3: Email Mireille at so we can track our outreach and we know which legislators to focus on next!

Photo credit USFWS

Call in script: 

Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent of the Representative XX. I’m calling about the important issue of wildlife corridors. These corridors serve as connections between wild spaces so that species can access the resources they need and habitats are more resilient. As our planet and the state face a biodiversity crisis, wildlife corridors are a proactive way to support vulnerable plants and animals while also protecting our state’s $4 billion outdoor recreation industry. That’s why I’m asking Representative XX to please support wildlife corridors in Pennsylvania. Please also ask your colleagues to do the same. Thank you.”

Clearly state your name and phone number if you’d like them to call you back!

You’re all done!  Don’t forget to let us know how your calls went by emailing!

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