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4 comments on “Mexican Gray Wolf Anubis Killed on National Forest Land

  1. This is a very unfortunate situation. I hope who ever is responsible is caught and prosecuted. However! We can do better by working together and providing educational information to our hunters and agencies. I have worked with wolves for many years even creating a program for the military. I am now working with wolves in detection of diseases in humans. I will always make myself available if needed to help.

  2. Are these greedy pukes for real?!!!! Ranchers and CAFOs are the bane of my existence. I’m starting to live solely for the purpose of defeating them. They have no right to do what they’re doing to the Tule Elk, our wild horses, bison, wolves, groundhogs, coyotes, and every other species that have the unfortunate displeasure of encountering them!!! THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!! HOW CAN I HELP, WITHOUT GIVING YOU MONEY, THAT IS???

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