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5 comments on “All wrong in Oregon  

  1. I am fr Colorado but now live in Oregon. I can say this what Oregon and Oregon officials are doing is disgusting and not helpful what so ever. Where is the petition to over turn such outrageous crap. Brown you suck!!! I didn’t vote for you and sure am not going to now.

  2. Governor brown you suck. Killing the wolfs off is killing should resign from office.i know a few people in oregon. Its looks beautiful there.

  3. +Gov. Brown, your ignorance is profound! You need to educate yourself about the role wolves playin a healthy environment. Read about the incredible changes that have occurred in Yellowstone because of the reintroduction of wolves. Protecting an endangered species is law! and you have surely broken that law.

  4. Oregon is killing wild life and that is so wrong.All they are doing is makind it bad for everyone else futher generations

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