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Tell Congress to pass the PAW and FIN Conservation Act

The PAW and FIN Act repeals three attacks on the Endangered Species Act made recently by the Trump Administration. The bills would overturn the administration’s rollbacks and protect imperiled species from losing protections or having protections delayed due to acts by the Trump Administration.

Tweet @ your senators to support the Endangered Species Act

Activists like you are meeting with senators and their staff around the country this month as a part of the #StopExtinction Challenge. If you were not able to make it in person, you can stand up for wildlife and the Endangered Species Act and amplify their voices by tweeting to your senators and telling them that you support protecting endangered species and the Endangered Species Act!  

Tell the EPA to ban toxic chlorpyrifos

The Environmental Protection Agency must act to protect birds, bees, and people from the highly-toxic insecticide chlorpyrifos. This widely used neurotoxic pesticide is used on is used on a variety of crops including apples, oranges, strawberries, corn, and other foods we commonly eat. It is highly toxic and can damage brain development in children and adults. The New York Times recently reported that the Trump Administration’s Department of Interior blocked the release of reports that found chlorpyrifos is so toxic… Continue reading

Tell Congress to protect elephants and other endangered species by passing the CECIL Act

The Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies Act (CECIL Act) would make important changes to protect elephants, lions, and other species that are currently killed by trophy hunters. If passed into law, it would increase transparency of agency decisions, reinstate crucial protections for imperiled species, and reverse reckless and shortsighted changes made by the Trump Administration that have encouraged trophy hunting. Please email your U.S. Representative today and as that they co-sponsor the Ceasing the Importation… Continue reading

Take the Plastic and Balloon Pledge

Plastic pollution is among the most serious threats facing marine wildlife and the oceans they call home. A recent report found that 70% of marine litter is non-degradable plastic which is projected to increase threefold over the next ten years. Balloons are an additional threat that we can work together to reduce. Whether released intentionally, or ending up in our waste stream, balloons and ribbons can cause serous harm to marine species.

Sign the petition to oppose Trump’s plan to strip gray wolves of protections

Hunting, trapping, and habitat loss drove gray wolves to near extinction in the twentieth century. Conservation efforts made possible by the Endangered Species Act has allowed them to come back and begin to re-establish their former habitats. But, the Trump Administration has proposed a rule that would strip every gray wolf in the lower 48 states of crucial Endangered Species Act protections.

Stop Trump from Weakening the Endangered Species Act

Donald Trump’s Departments of Interior and Commerce recently proposed drastic changes to the way they carry out the Endangered Species Act. If these revisions go into effect as written, protecting endangered and threatened species and the wild places they rely upon will be much more difficult. The Endangered Species Act is phenomenally successful. It has a 99 percent success rate at preventing the extinction of species in its care. But it only works if politicians stay out of the way.… Continue reading