Tom Steyer

…As President, will you uphold our Endangered Species Act and better fund it, to protect imperiled plants and animals?

“If you look at where we are, the shorthand for a sustainable world is the climate crisis. Then, you talk about biodiversities, species extinction, yeah. I’m aware of the (U.N.) report– highly aware of what we have to do to make sure we are safe on this planet,” replied Steyer. “Would you support it?” I asked again. “I know you want to get me (to answer the specific question now)… but I’m telling you, you need to think about this in a holistic way, and you can make sure that Americans are safe… not just this year, but going forward, and making sure that we’re going to be healthy. So, I’m highly aware, so when you’re thinking about that, climate is just a shorthand. (I’m) highly aware,” he repeated.

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