John Hickenlooper

…As President, will you uphold our Endangered Species Act and better fund it, to protect imperiled plants and animals?

“Donald Trump has cut funding for every single federal agency that works to guarantee the quality of our waters, and our air and we should not accept this,”charged Hickenlooper. “Biodiversity is the ‘canary in the mine.’ If we do not have a regulatory frame- work that’s addressing– and measuring– our water quality, our air quality, we will always slide back- wards, because there are too many businesses,too many people NOT necessarily bad people–who are trying to make their business grow, and when it comes to a close call, they will always decide against the environment and for their business.” He continued, “And I make a commitment to you, (with) the strongest words I can, as someone who has a master’s in geology,we will reinvigorate our approach to using science and facts to reverse this last twoyears of going the wrong direction on every type of pollution and every contributor to climate change.”

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