Thank you for taking part in the Stop Extinction Challenge! This visit to your senator’s office is one of the most valuable actions that you can take to protect the Endangered Species Act. Let’s get you ready!

1: Watch our How to Talk to Your Elected Officials video:

2: Read our How to Lobby Tipsheet and scroll through these slides from our training webinar!


3: Prepare what you will say and craft your message. Here are some talking points about the Endangered Species Act and a helpful worksheet to map your personal network and identify friends or colleagues you could ask to come with you. 

4: Take photos and share them on social media! Here is a guide.

5: If this is information overload, please watch this recording of the August 7th training webinar.

You can learn more about your senator prior to visiting their office on 8-10 at the links below:

Vote Smart
Open Secrets
Bio Guide
Gov Track

If you did not receive materials in the mail, please print and leave these materials with the office you visit to increase your impact.

Lastly, we have materials that you could use to tell your story to media outlets and to write a letter to the editor:

Media Tip Sheet for the Stop Extinction Challenge

How to Write a Letter-to-the-Editor